The 10 Best IKEA Bathroom Vanities Will Open Up Your Small Bathroom

The 10 Best IKEA Bathroom Vanities Will Open Up Your Small Bathroom

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Take a minute to think about the current status of your bathroom. Could be better, right? If you're anything like us, then yourВ bathroom isn't making the best use of its available space. There isn't enough countertop space for toiletries, drawers for towels, or even aВ spotВ forВ a soap dish. If that's been the case, then you've probably managed to ignore the disarray this whole time. But we're here to tell you that IKEA's bathroom vanities can come to the rescue.

Thanks to a wide variety of options-fromВ budget-friendly price pointsВ toВ small-space choices to open shelving-IKEA has everything you need for a more organized bathroom. We selected 10 of the best IKEA bathroom vanities up for grabs now, so you don't have to do many more self-care routines surrounded by chaos.

IKEA Silveran/Lillangen Sink Cabinet $229Shop

If your bathroom is small and short on storage, this vanity's compact design and built-in cabinets should help. The stainless steel faucet is included, too.В

IKEA Godmorgon/Odensvik Sink Cabinet $409Shop

The floating appearance and matte finish of this option, which includes the faucet and mirror, will make a sleek addition to your bathroom. TheВ bottom cabinetВ is also scratch-resistant, in case you have pets or little ones.

IKEA Godmorgon/Braviken Sink Cabinet $619Shop

The soft-close doors on this double vanity would be ideal for pairs who get up at different times of the morning. And the white oak detail can match almost any color scheme.

IKEA Silveran/Talleviken Sink Cabinet $239Shop

A rustic vanity will always be a charming addition to a bathroom, and this one's white beadboard design fits that bill. Pair it with raw-edge shelving to really go with the theme.В

IKEA Hemnes/Odensvik Sink Cabinet $389Shop

The dark finish of this solid pine vanity looks striking in a minimalist bathroom, and it has more than enough storage to fit all of the products in your arsenal. The drawers pull out fully, so you can make use of every inch.В

IKEA Godmorgon/Tolken/Tornviken Vanity Countertop $378Shop

While we love theВ look of the solid wood drawers and bamboo countertop here, the real reason why we picked this vanity is because you can place the sink wherever you prefer-left, right, or center.В

IKEA Godmorgon/Odensvik Sink Cabinet $404Shop

The warm wood finish and soft-close doors of this vanity make it a smart option for any bathroom, but we'd suggest installing it in one with lots of natural light. The contrast will be beautiful.

IKEA Hemnes/Odensvik Sink Cabinet $239Shop

Sometimes a bathroom is so painfully tiny that it takes some serious ingenuity to make it functional. Enter this compact-yet-chic option. Measuring about 25 inches wide and 36 inches high, it can fit into a small corner and make room for storage, too.В

IKEA Fullen/Talleviken Sink Cabinet $114Shop

Minimalism is the backbone of this design, which also comes with its fair share of storage. We'd pair this vanity with warm wood accents, or even a bold wallpaper print.

IKEA Lillangen/Viskan/Gutviken Sink Cabinet $349Shop

If you like all of your daily products to be within arm's reach, then this vanity should be very appealing. We like the floating sink centered, but you can place theВ sink wherever you'd like to make the piece your own.


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