Seeking Bliss? 16 Spa Bathrooms So Perfect You'll Never Want to Leave Home

Seeking Bliss? 16 Spa Bathrooms So Perfect You'll Never Want to Leave Home

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Of all the rooms in the house, we probably spend the most time in the bathroom (at least in our waking hours). Like the kitchen, it serves a purely functional element, used for cleaning up, relaxing, and, you know, being human. WhenВ it comes to spaces that welcome relaxation andВ elevate our daily routines, we tend to take design notes from spa bathrooms we've visited. So to get some ideas about how to turn a bathroom into a stylish self-care oasis, we found 19 dreamy bathrooms complete with edgy accents, opulent details, and spa-worthy tubs. If you need us, we'll be soaking, but in the meantime,В check out all these gorgeous spa bathrooms and find out how to style yours similarly.

Nikole Ramsay

While a spotless, well-maintained bathroom with a chill vibeВ makes for a great spa bathroom we'd relax in any day, there's something to be said for one that also has a cool, avant-garde edge. Not only does it make for an Insta-worthy space, but it also allows you to incorporate your personality and sense of style into the design scheme. The dark, moody walls and corresponding black floor tiles make it the perfect setting for romance, relaxation, and self-care. Plus, it makes a case for bold geometric linens-who knew bath towels could make such a difference?

Liljencrantz Design

From the ethereal sheer curtains to the shiny white floors and porcelain tub, we love every last detail in this bathroom.В But the real statement is the proportion of the tree. AlmostВ as tall as the ceiling, this indoor tree is an unexpected touch of nature in a cool, minimalist space, which is complemented by the wood bath accessory. Aesthetics aside, bathroom plants are the perfect element to bring your relaxation to the next level-as you close your eyes and relax in a bubble bath after a long day, you almost forget you're even indoors at all.


Studio DB

A cityscape is a welcome view from the bathtub (or anywhere, really). With aВ shapely wood stool, California-cool linens, a porcelain tub, a bulbous pendant light, and marble features, we couldn't think of a better place to clean up and relax distraction-free.

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design

Notice how each design element in this room is unique in shape, style, and size. The built-in pale pink tub almost has a retro feel while the wood paneling is reminiscent of a sauna. Then there's the interesting juxtaposition of scale. Everything in this bathroom is super low to the ground, but the overgrown branch that snakes up to the ceiling, almost touching the shrunken chandelier, adds a nice contrast.

Brittany Ambridge

Let this be proof that a bathroom doesn't need to be huge to feel like a spa. The use of white paint from floor to ceiling amplifies the look and the feel of this small space, and the shower brings in a sense of luxury thanks to the gold fittings. The forest green fabric closet door with brass nailhead detailing also contributes to the sense of glamour, while the wood carving and unpretentious side chair keep things grounded and unique.

Studio McGee

What looks and feels glamorously sleek and modern to some might feel sterile and stark to someone else. So if bright, cheerful colors and warm textiles make you feel relaxed and happy, introduce a printed area rug to your bathroom. This is a great way to instantly personalize and brighten your room, plus it's an easy thing to switch out when you feel like redecorating. The ladder peaking out in the back is also a great touch and it adds extra storage space.

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design

This bathroom is full of happy surprises. Even the actual layout is unexpected. Who would think to put a tub in the center of the room right next to a fireplace that boasts more of a living room vibe? Yet it works wonders to create a unique, elevated experience, which is exactly what a spa-inspired bathroom should be. The Mediterranean floor tiles ground the sleek freestanding tub and traditional fireplace for a nice balance between formal and casual.

Amber Interiors

From the black details, like the hardware, faucet fittings, and picture frame, to the light blue distressed tiles, wood bath accessory, and metallic brass tub, this bathroom seriously nailed the color scheme. It's unique and intriguing without looking overly busy, which is the perfect balance for a spa bathroom.

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design

This farmhouse-style claw-foot tub is so well suited for this bathroom, though we wouldn't necessarily think so if we saw it on its own. With the use of marble and concrete in the shower and hardwood flooring as well as classic linens and old-school windows, this room sits on the charming cusp of modern and traditional. The built-in shower storage is also a great way to keep things clutter-free and easy on the eyes.

Studio DB

The pared-down design choices in this bathroom are absolutely stunning. In fact, this room is far better than any spa we've set foot in. Without any printed area rugs, suspension lighting, and storage units, our eyes are able to take in the beautiful materials and shapes and simply rest.

Arent & Pyke

We wouldn't mind drifting off in this cocoon of a freestanding tub. Like the last bathroom, it's minimal and simple, so each item in the room is serving both a functional and stylish purpose. The folding stool tucked behind the tub is the perfect choice to introduce variance in this black, white, and grayscale bathroom. Perhaps the most striking thing in this room is the use of matte black pieces, as they make it feel much more assertive and contemporary.

Amy Bartlam

If you're lucky enough to have dramatically high ceilings in your bathroom, take advantage of them with a large chandelier and architectural features. We love the various textures and materials featured in this space. The concrete shower wall brings in an industrial edge while the crisp white paint, light flooring, and porcelain oval tub keep things feeling fresh and clean. The pink details in the carpet are a fun pop of color too.

Brett Mickan Interior Design

There's nothing better than a bathroom that gets a ton of natural light from a large window, except, of course, if that window opens up to a sprawling green landscape. To complement the natural beauty outside, this bathroom incorporates earth tones, organic shapes, and an open layout. And though we'd normally opt for gold hardware and fittings in a space with warmer tones, we love the choice of silver in this one.

Arent & Pyke

The hypnotizing, zigzagging backsplash is a fun motif to anchor the room around. From the leather handle pulls to the blue-gray painted walls and built-in storage, each item works together to create a gorgeous and cohesive design. And while the colors are one of the highlights of this room, the best part is the attention to shape. The linear lines of the sink and zigzag pattern are a welcome addition to the black mirror fastenings, sconce, towel ring, and ceramic vessel.

Studio McGee

If storage space is limited in your bathroom, consider leaning a stylish ladder against the wall and bringing in a stool for decorative objects and shower products. If you haven't caught on yet, it's always a good idea to keep a chic stool near the tub so you can reach for your book or glass of wine while you soak. Aside from those clever design tricks, we also love the sage green Mediterranean floor tiles and lone exposed beam on the ceiling.

Alyssa Rosenheck

If you're planning a remodel and want to open up the room to make it feel more spacious, take notes. The shower seamlessly blends into the rest of the room, as there is no ledge nor step, and the tiles are the same throughout the room. The suspended shower curtain also allows for privacy when needed. The exposed light wood beams are a cool contrast to the sleek black floor tiles, gold accents, and formal crystal chandelier.


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