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PSA: These Are the Best Couches for Any Budget

PSA: These Are the Best Couches for Any Budget

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Pella Hedeby

Choosing the right sofa is no easy feat. As one of the biggest furniture investments you'll probably make in your home, you want to make sure that it will stand the test of time (and guests, pets, or children), both physically and financially. In other words, your chosen piece needs to be well-constructed, durable, and classic. So how do you make sure that the couch you choose will be all those things and more? Do you like velvet, fabric, or leather? Do you like tuxedo or chesterfield styles?

To make the hunt for the perfect sofa a little easier, we rounded up a few of our favorite options in all shapes, styles, and prices. Whether you're looking to shell out a few hundred dollars or several thousand, we have the sofa for you. No matter whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling house, these couches come in all sizes. So look no further, as these are the best couches on our radar-get ready to Netflix and chill.

West Elm Rochester Sofa $1099 $879Shop

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile sofa at a better price with this tufted velvet West Elm couch.

Article Cirrus Sofa $999Shop

A teal velvet sofa under $1000? Yes, please. This tufted sofa is the perfect apartment-size couch.

West Elm Thea Settee $999Shop

This petite settee is under $1000 and is the perfect seating option for a tiny space.

Article Triplo Sofa $999Shop

This is the chicest three-seater sofa we've seen in a long time. The double seat cushion makes it unique.

West Elm Bardot Sofa $1499 $1049Shop

Want to hop on the channel tufting trend? Try this petite teal velvet sofa from West Elm.

CB2 Robey Snow Curved Sofa $1399Shop

A curved velvet sofa on sale for under $1500? Sign us up.

CB2 Kihon Indigo Sofa $1799 $1399Shop

Get an original design from Ross Cassidy of Million Dollar Decorators at a reasonable price with this sleek gray sofa.

Capsule Big Arm Sofa $1499Shop

You'll never guess that this ultra-modern sofa is under $1500. Give your living room a contemporary edge with this statement piece.

CB2 Logan Grey Boucle Sofa $1499Shop

Calling all homebodies: This luxe sofa is the ultimate lounger.

Article Capilano Sofa $1999 $1499Shop

We love the skinny legs and long seat cushion on this chic minimal leather sofa from Article.

CB2 Delphine Dark Grey Velvet Slipcover Sofa $1799Shop

Make your space look extra plush with this low-back extra-long velvet sofa.

Article Belez Sofa $1999Shop

You won't find a better tuxedo-style leather sofa anywhere. Available inВ four leather colors, this sofa will stand the test of time.

CB2 Brava Houndstooth Sofa $1999Shop

For an extra-long, extra-sleek sofa at a reasonable price, look no further than this CB2 number.

Blu Dot Bank Sofa $2399Shop

This modern tuxedo sofa is everything your living room needs for ultimate comfort and style.

CB2 Forte Channeled Saddle Leather Sofa $2799Shop

Channel tufting is the new hot upholstery trend. Get ahead of the curve with this CB2 saddle leather sofa.

CB2 Hoxton Olive Green Leather Sofa $2799Shop

This chic olive green leather sofa from CB2 is so chic people will think you paid double the price.

Blu Dot Bloke Sofa $2899Shop

Want an extra long sofa that's not too deep? Look no further than Blu Dot's Bloke sofa.

Blu Dot Sunday Sofa $2999Shop

This plush sofa is the definition of ultimate comfort.

Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa $3050Shop

Restoration Hardware is well known for its superior quality sofas for a reason.

Customize your sofa to suit you by chosing from the multiple available depths, lengths, and fabric options.

TRNK Truss Sofa $3650Shop

This sofa will make you feel like you've just sunk into a cloud. Also, it looks fantastic.

Blu Dot Bonnie Leather Sofa $4199Shop

Perfect for small apartments and larger homes alike, this sleek leather sofa is an instant classic.

Consort Marcel Sofa $4200Shop

If you want a statement piece that will stand the test of time, try Consort's instant classic sofa, available in multiple fabrics and wood finishes.

Blu Dot Dandy Leather Sofa $5899Shop

Calling all minimalists: This sleek sofa is available in three leather colors and will suit any modern space.

This story was originally published on December 5, 2017, and has since been updated.


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