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SMEG's New Limited Edition Shade Is an Extremely Instragrammable Rose Gold

SMEG's New Limited Edition Shade Is an Extremely Instragrammable Rose Gold

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If you follow any influencers on Instagram, particularly those in the home and lifestyle space, you've likely seen a SMEG appliance or two. Their rounded retro appearance and unexpected colors are a breath of fresh air compared to the stark appliances found in typical kitchens. And there's just no denying they photograph really, really well.

From the mint green fridge to the toaster in a warm cream shade, SMEG's appliances have become some of the most sought after home accessories in the past few years, and based on their latest launch, that's not going to change anytime soon.

The brand recently released a limited edition collection with Williams Sonoma that just might be its most Instagrammable yet. No, it's not another pretty pastel shade, this time SMEG is getting into metallics. And not just any metallic, oh no, they chose the most popular among the Instagram set: a beautiful rose gold.

The collection launched with two of SMEG's smaller appliances, but fingers crossed it eventually expands to include a fridge and stove too (that might finally get me to give up my Seamless addiction).

Check out the collection below and order soon if you've been dreaming of a rose gold kitchen-these beauties will likely sell out.

SMEG Two-Slice Toaster $200Shop

The polished chrome accents on this toaster add extra shine and play well with the lovely rose gold hue. The two slots are also extra wide, so you can toast bagels or other thick breads with abandon.

SMEG Electric Kettle $200Shop

There's already something special about pouring yourself a nice cup of tea-self care, anyone?-but boiling your water in this luxe rose gold kettle is sure to make the experience even more special.

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