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Brandless Branches Out Into Affordable Luggage and Cookware For the First Time

Brandless Branches Out Into Affordable Luggage and Cookware For the First Time

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We've long been fans of everyday essentials retailer Brandless, which sells everything from CBD drops to beauty products to baby diapers, ensuring that its goods all fall under its four guiding pillars of simplicity, sustainability, wellness, and kindness. So we were especially excited to hear they were launching a slew of new products that can help streamline our lives.

Entering the travel sphere for the first time, Brandless now sells two pieces of hard-shell luggage, plus accessories like packing cubes and a foldable backpack. The suitcases are sleek and simple, and come in at an affordable price point.

Beyond travel, Brandless is also getting in on the kitchenware game, launching a line of stainless-steel cookware, plus a blender. Check out some of our favorite new products below, and shop the full collection now.

Brandless Carry On Luggage $180Shop

With a lightweight polycarbonate shell and 360-degree spinner wheels, zipping through the airport is a breeze with this carry-on suitcase. There's also a checked luggage size bag ($200)-getting both isn't a bad idea, as you can store the smaller model inside the larger one when not in use.

Brandless Foldable Backpack $30Shop

One of our best travel tips is to throw a foldable bag into your suitcase, just in case you come home with extra souvenirs. It also comes in handy if you're planning a short day trip on your vacation and need something lightweight and easy to stash your goods.

Brandless Packing Cubes $40Shop

If you're a messy packer, give these cubes a try-you can compress your clothes into organized little bundles, so you can fit more into your suitcase and make unpacking a cinch.

Brandless Pro Blender $180Shop

Our favorite thing about this 64-ounce blender? To clean it, all you have to do is “blend” some soapy water, then rinse.

Brandless 8" Stainless Steel Fry Pan $40Shop

Every kitchen needs one or two of these staples, so why not purchase one from a company that promotes sustainability and community? The frying pan also comes in 10-inch ($50) and 12-inch ($60) models.

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