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PSA: These Are the Best Furniture Stores, According to Interior Designers

PSA: These Are the Best Furniture Stores, According to Interior Designers

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Although we consider ourselves something of dГ©cor experts here at MyDomaine, it's no secret that we regularly seek out advice from experienced interior designers. Whether we're selecting the best shade of white paint, navigating the latest seasonal trends, or investing in furniture pieces for the long haul, we're always interested in what the experts have to say.

So to find out exactly where the pros shop for furniture, naturally, we decided to tap some of our favorite Los Angeles-based interior designers and ask them to share their go-to sources. Ahead, Emily Henderson of Emily Henderson Design, Stefani Stein of her eponymously named design firm, and Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors divulge the retailers they turn to for everything from vintage coffee tables to custom couches to affordable armchairs.

Keep scrolling to see which shops these interior designers deem the best furniture stores.

Emily Henderson

Sara Ligorria-Tramp; DESIGN:В Emily HendersonВ В


"I know I'm their home style expert, but I mean, it's Target! I would shop there regardless because their stuff is awesome and affordable. I am constantly impressed by how with each collection and collaboration they continue to step it up in both style and quality."

Project 62 Esters Wood Arm Chair $257Shop

Clad Home

"Clad Home is my favorite place to get beautiful custom furniture at a super reasonable price. Rosa Beltran, the owner, has an awesome range of sofas ready to make custom. But, you can also design other types of beautiful furniture that they can make to your specifications."

Clad Home Grand $2510Shop


"I am a vintage lover.В ChairishВ is one of my favorite places to find great vintage with a wide range of prices. The best part is that I can do all of my shopping sitting on my sofa or in bed."

Erdos + Ko Rani II Coffee Table $995Shop

Stefani Stein

В Tessa Neustadt; DESIGN: Stefani Stein

Lawson Fenning

"Lawson Fenning is a shopping staple for me. The line really embodies the California-cool vibe. They also source fantastic pieces from boutique makers. While I tend to gravitate toward vintage accessories, they have the best selection of contemporary studio pottery in town."

Collection ParticuliГЁre Brick Side Table $1450Shop

Martin & Brockett

"Martin & Brockett is one of my absolute favorite shops in Los Angeles. Their line works perfectly in both traditional and contemporary settings. And, the shop is wonderfully curated. They always have a fantastic selection of vintage accessories-it's like stepping into a current-day cabinet of curiosities."

Hollywood at Home

"Hollywood at Home is a must for textiles. They work with designers from around the globe and always have loads of great vintage pieces. I just scored a terrific set of French 1950s dining chairs there for one of my current projects."

Hollywood at Home Indian Bedcover in Ivory $1560Shop

Joyce Downing Pickens

В Margaret Austin; DESIGN: JDP Interiors

Nickey Kehoe

"I love Nickey Kehoe because they do such an amazing job of collecting a variation of multiple styles of furniture and accessories-a little mid-century, a little french country, a little edgy modern. Also, you can find something as small as a bathmat and as large as a dining room table. All their pieces are rich in texture and tend to lean towards the earth tones that I love. If they carry a red ottoman, it's usually more maroon; if they carry something green, it's usually a rich forest or olive green."

Nickey Kehoe Curved Sofa $6590Shop

Amsterdam Modern

"This place is my go-to for collected dining chairs and armchairs; I found a pair of Charlotte Perriand-style dining chairs here for an incredible price. If you are looking for something unique without the hassle of scouring flea markets for weeks on end, Amsterdam Modern is your place."

Amsterdam Modern Mid-Century Inspired Walnut Credenza $2450Shop

Motti Casa

"A great place for accessories and smaller interesting items, Motti Casa is expertly curated and seamlessly blends the modern elegance of France with the casual texture of California. I got the most amazing pair of candlestick sconces here for an incredible price. One of those items that can truly make a space."

Sika Belladonna Sofa $3450Shop

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