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Rebecca Atwood Teamed Up With Hunter Douglas To Bring Us Functional, Fabulous, And Fully Dressed Windows

Rebecca Atwood Teamed Up With Hunter Douglas To Bring Us Functional, Fabulous, And Fully Dressed Windows

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Window treatments can be one of the most complicated aspects of interior design. After all, fully dressing a window can be a multi-layered process. Not only can window treatments filter or block out light and provide us with privacy from the outside world, they can also transform a room in a major way. Because they can be a huge financial investment, you want to invest in window treatments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Many people rely on interior designers to execute this process for them, but the world's leading manufacturer of window treatments is hoping to make the design process a whole lot easier.

Hunter Douglas recently launched their new Design Studio program, providing customers with an easy way to customize the look and feel of their windows. Whether that includes drapery, side panels, or Roman shades along with a variety of the brand's other window treatments, is up to you. But one of the coolest things about their latest venture, is that they are also bringing in featured artists and designers for collaborations, starting with Rebecca Atwood.

Atwood, a Brooklyn based artist and designer, is famous for her gorgeous wallpapers, textiles sold by the yard, and bedding collection. The Rebecca Atwood Collection for Design Studio debuted with 43 fresh and modern fabrics available in side panels, drapery, roller shades, and Roman shades in harmonizing colors and patterns.

“Natural light is a luxury-it makes everything look better-and window treatments become such an important part of the room,” Atwood explains about the collaboration. “For my Hunter Douglas collection, I revisited traditional patterns, as well as soft, textural patterns that are easy to layer into any space. I wanted to create a collection that had an effortlessness to it, but also included a few pieces that can really be the focal point of a room.”

Courtesy of Hunter Douglas

Her designs are gorgeous, inspired by everything from her hand painted artwork to travels abroad. They range from incredibly subtle, delicate, watercolor-like motifs, to bold, statement making florals.

"This artwork began as a watercolor drawing in my sketchbook after a trip to Portugal,” she explains. “I was inspired by the beautiful fruit trees at our hotel in Porto. The tree of life is a refreshing motif that comes up in many different cultures throughout history."

HD has also incorporated technology into their launch. With their PowerView motorized drapery hardware, all of Hunter Douglas' latest window treatments are smart home compatible. Like lights or gadgets you can program drapery and window treatments to open or close simultaneously at a certain time every day.

So, how long does the whole process take? Once you work with one of Hunnter Douglas's authorized window treatment specialists, orders have a 10-day turnaround, meaning you won't have to wait months on end for your custom order.

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