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Add Instant Charm to Your Front Door With This Simple Accessory

Add Instant Charm to Your Front Door With This Simple Accessory

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First came the quirky sayings on doormats, then the pop of color that could be seen from the curb. Now, it's time for door knockers to get their turn in the spotlight.

It's said that England has more door knockers than any other country, and they've been adorning Brits' homes since the 16th century. Over time, the designs became more detailed and often reflected an owner's interests, faith, or profession. Their practical purpose may be overshadowed by modern inventions like the video-cam doorbell, but door knockers still add a personal touch and a cheerful welcome to any home.

We scoured Instagram for real-life inspiration and some of the most popular styles, then rounded up similar options so you can try the look yourself.В


Abstract shapes, as well as the so-called “urn” door knocker, were some of the earliest styles. This owner painted the knocker the same color as the door, giving it a more modern feel.В

Onward Black Door Knocker $13Shop

We love the matte black finish on this classic knocker, but it's also available in brass, bronze, and chrome.

Anthropologie Monogram Door Knocker $48Shop

Lead with your last initial on this fanciful knocker.


Seaside homes, particularly those in the original thirteen colonies, have some of the cutest door knockers around.В

Madison Bay Company Nautical Ship's Anchor Antiqued Brass Door Knocker $36Shop

Fit for a captain or even a landlubber's home.

Michael Healy Brass Scallop Door Knocker $69Shop

This designer, Michael Healy, is known for his detailed knockers, including these crab and starfish versions.


This stoop is one of the most photographed in all of Charleston, and features the iconic lion head door knocker. In many cultures, the lion signifies power, pride, and protection. You'll find a similar knocker at 10 Downing Street-the home of the British prime minister.

CB2 Lion Door Knocker $100Shop

The bright polished brass on this stylish lion door knocker keeps it from looking too conventional.

Birch Lane Bumblebee Door Knocker $58Shop

This knocker is perfect for the busy bee or an avid gardener. It may be quirky, but the gold color keeps it feeling chic.

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