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Hope You've Paid Rent: David Jones Is Having a Massive Clearance Sale

Hope You've Paid Rent: David Jones Is Having a Massive Clearance Sale

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Winter is here. AndВ While we love the beach, and eating out at the latest buzzy joints alfresco, we also have a serious weakness for activities at home- there's something just so comforting about slow cooking,В watching Stan and redecorating all weekend long. And in a way, as the mid-year rolls in, it's kind of perfect timing to rest and and regroup for round two.В

Thankfully,В David Jones is making this so much easier with its clearance sale, featuring fashion, shoes, homewares, and manchester up to 50 percent off. We recently spoke about our need to make the home a little cosier, and now we can do it without sacrificingВ our entire pay cheque. Win.

To help you sift through the amazing deals, we've curatedВ some of our favourite items that we've added to cart. Scroll on to shop them too.

Nachtmann Whiskey Tumblers $70 $35Shop

Made for whiskey, but pretty enough to drink anything out of.В

Circulon Symetry Black Triple Pack $430 $120Shop

Chances are, you're never going to invest in pans at full price. So it's worth nabbing this set while it's cheap.В

Ecology Watercolour 12 Piece Dinner Set $130 $78Shop

Part of adulting is hosting dinner parties. You're sure to impress with this set of plates.В

Tommy Hilfiger Academy Quilt Cover Set $280 $168Shop

As the weather grows colder, it's nice to style your bedroom with darker, soothing tones.В

Private Collection Langely Throw $150 $90Shop

You're bound to be watching many movies on the couch this season. Stay cosy with this neutral throw.В

Le Creuset Peruh Kettle $189 $133Shop

We love classic kitchen staples, and this one will definitely last you for many years to come.В

Maxwell & Williams Mezze Marble Tray $50 $25Shop

Cheese platter, anyone?В

Studio. W Sw Glass Diffuser $70 $35Shop

Create a zen environment using this diffuser to hold your favourite scents.В

Country Road Lila Grinder $70 $50Shop

We don't think we've seen a more chic set of grinders.В


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