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19 Photo Frames So Stylish They Double as Art

19 Photo Frames So Stylish They Double as Art

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My first job out of college was in the PR department of a modern art museum. I'd walk between galleries on the way to deliver a message or finish up a task and often be stopped in my tracks by a work of art. I may have passed it a hundred times before, but a small detail would catch my eye and it was like seeing it again for the first time.

One of my favorite works was a black-and-white Pablo Picasso oil painting, Portrait of Sylvette. It's done in Picasso's signature cubist style and features a French woman with a high ponytail and even higher cheekbones. You could get lost in the brushstrokes or be starstruck by its famous maker, but what drew me in was the juxtaposition of the painting and its ornate frame.В

Punctuated by a frilly, gold-leafed pattern, the frame seemed better suited to a Renaissance painting than a modern abstract-which is exactly why I loved it. Both pieces offered a strong point of view, without compromising their style, yet they managed to bring out the best in each other.В

It's natural to spend a lot of time thinking about the art on our walls and how to arrange it, but frames can have just as much impact. Read on for 19 of our favorites.

H&M Home Marble Photo Frame $35Shop

Thanks to the corner cut-outs and the moody marble, this frame makes for a small, but mighty dose of sophistication.

Umbra Phantom 8-inch x 10-inch Photo Frame in Black $23Shop

The smooth lines evoke an industrial feel, while the raised profile sets it apart from the wall and allows the art to really pop.

World Market Black And Gold Fan Art Deco Bone Frame $17Shop

This art deco-inspired design is handmade in India. Pair it with a simple black and white photo for maximum impact.

Opalhouse 4" x 6" Scalloped Pieced Bone Frame $16Shop

Even though it's a neutral color, the scalloped edges create depth and texture.

World Market Square White Marble Heart Frame $17Shop

This frame is the perfect way to remember a sweet moment or special person in your life. The marble keeps the heart from feeling too campy.

Williams Sonoma Leather Wrapped Picture Frames $125-150Shop

Modern lines created by a classic gray leather, make this luxe option worth the splurge.

West Elm Crystal Orb Frame $49Shop

These minimalist frames are the perfect way to display found treasures. For a retro feel, order it in “landscape blue.”

Amazon Vintage-Look Picture Frame $20Shop

Picture this gilded vintage-inspired number on a vanity or end table: the result would be tres chic.

Uma 4x6 Wood Three Photo Frame $25Shop

This frame could look great in a boho-inspired space or even a modern farm house.

West Elm Textured Marble Frames $34Shop

The white and gray marble used in these frames creates a layered look. It's available in two rectangular styles, as well as a circle.

World Market Matte Metallic Adjustable Easel Frame $20Shop

These adjustable frames make it easy to play with your art's height, and the metallic sheen adds a luxe touch.

AERIN Wicker Scalloped Gallery Frame $100-155Shop

Available in three sizes, these are twice as trendy with wicker and scallops.

World Market Natural Agate Slice Frame $35Shop

No two stones are alike and the same goes for these frames crafted out of beautiful-and natural-agate slices.

Anthropologie Mereille Hanging Frame $40-60Shop

We love how Anthropologie styled this dainty gold frame against a concrete wall for contrast. But it would look equally good in a more glamorous space too.

Target Cast Metal Brass Frame $13Shop

Made to look like a time-worn antique, this textured organic frame would brighten any room its styled in.

BP Industries 5"x7" Wood Frame With Resin $10Shop

Marbled resin adds flair to this otherwise simple, but beautiful frame.

West Elm Ease Architectural Frame $24Shop

These frames suspend photos in mid-air in a sleek and modern way. Style a few of them together to really make a statement.

A&B Home 5x7 Ornate Frame $13Shop

This edgy frame has rock 'n' roll sensibilities, but with a touch of glam.В

World Market Raw Edge Wood Frame $13-15Shop

Raw-edge wood tables are all the rage right now, and this raw-edge frame is a great way to try out the trend without committing to such a substantial piece.

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