The Best Travel Pillows, So You Never Have a Sleepless Flight Again

The Best Travel Pillows, So You Never Have a Sleepless Flight Again

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Other than a trusty eye mask to block the light, a pillow is going to be your best friend on any long-haul flight (or train ride)-after all, flying is often a bit stressful. Packing, getting to the airport on time, and crossing your fingers for no delays can be exhausting, but if you have one of the best travel pillows on hand, you're just about guaranteed to catch some much-needed z's while up in the air.

Gone are the days of boring travel pillows. Innovative technology boasts everything from body-responsive memory foam to 360-degree support, all designed to help provide optimal rest. Since it takes some time to weigh your options, it's probably a good idea not to wait until you get to the terminal to search for yours. Which is why w've made it easy, curating our list of the best travel pillows out there. Go on, get cozy.

@littleblackboots Tumi Patrol Packable Travel Puffer Jacket $195Shop

This warm yet lightweight down jacket easily converts to a comfy travel pillow via a hidden pouch in the collar.В How much more travel-friendly can you get?

Trtl Travel Travel Pillow $30Shop

The internal ribs in this innovative style give you scientifically proven support. Ultra-soft fleece and foam create a hammock effect for your head and neck (plus it's machine washable-crucial when you're traveling from here to there).

Travelrest Curl Memory Foam Neck Pillow $17Shop

This U-shaped pillow is rendered in a cozy velour cover, ensuring sweet dreams ahead. Thanks to a thermosensitive memory foam that molds to the contours of your neck and shoulders, you're able to keep your natural alignment while you rest (and you can adjust the fit to avoid slipping and sliding).

Travelon Deluxe Wrap N Rest Pillow $23Shop

A long, curly shape allows the Travelon Deluxe Wrap N Rest to coil around your neck and hold your head upright during sleep. Simply position the tail directly underneath your chin if you need a little more support.

Hay Sleep Well Neck Cushion $53Shop

A pretty marbled style containsВ a polystrol ball filling with chips that adapt to different neck shapes. Plus the front button closure ensures it sits tight while you catch some z's.В

SkySiesta Travel Pillow with Foam Head Supports $22Shop

One of the best travel pillows includes foam bolsters that work for both back and side sleepers. Slip on the matching eye mask and let your worries fade away.В

Muji Moma Well-Fitted Neck Cushion $28Shop

Muji's cute cotton number is the perfect cushion for when the napping occasion strikes. We're loving the sweet stripes.В

Sondre Travel Voyage Pillow $20Shop

This lightweight travel pillow also doubles as an eye mask, making itВ a little bit easier to get some shuteye on a long-haul flight.

Donna Karan Silk Pillow and Eye Mask Travel Set $125Shop

Everything is better in silk, including a luxe eye mask and matching pillow. The best part? Your blowout won't get ruinedВ in transit.В

Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow $40Shop

This travel pillow is about as high-tech as they come, thanks to its shape-responsive memory foam and 360-degree support. No matter how you sleep, you'll be set.В

Face Cradle Adjustable Travel Pillow $50Shop

Made of memory foam, this neck pillow is so comfortable it promises to make you forget you aren't sleeping at home.

Huzi Infinity Pillow $40Shop

Boasting an infinity shape, this travel pillow can easily be converted into different configurations for maximum comfort.

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This story was originally published on July 16, 2017, and has since been updated.


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