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15 Fake Houseplants That Look Like the Real Thing

15 Fake Houseplants That Look Like the Real Thing

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Adding houseplants to your home is a quick way to breathe some life into your space. From trendy monstera plants to more traditional ferns, greenery can add a pop of color to any room, introduce a bohemian vibe to your space, and may even help detoxify the air. Though there are many low-maintenance options to choose from, some of us just can't seem to remember a watering schedule or how much direct sunlight our pothos should get (hint: preferably not much).

Enter: fake houseplants.

Though you may assume fake plants look plastic and cheap, some of our favorite brands (CB2! West Elm!) have created their own versions, and you guessed it, they're totally chic. For the homeowner who wants the look of plants without any of the upkeep, these are for you.

Scroll through to see our favorite fake houseplants that will transform your home into a jungle oasis with absolutely none of the work.

Urban Outfitters Potted Faux Rubber Tree $60Shop

For those of you looking for a major design statement, look no further than this faux rubber tree. It looks great nestled in a woven basket or funky ceramic planter.

World Market Faux Fern Kokedama Hanging Decor $30 for threeShop

Hanging planters are a great way to add dimension and interest to your space. These faux versions add a cheerful, mossy element to any room and come in a "ready-to-hang" set of three.

West Elm Faux Potted Fern $149Shop

What do we love most about fake plants? You can place them anywhere without worrying about sunlight. Brighten up a dark corner with this potted fern or place it right by a window, it will survive either way.

Target Opalhouse Artificial Cactus $25Shop

You can always count on Target to come through with affordable trends. Bring a touch of Palm Springs energy to your home with a sleek potted cactus. A basket and fake plant for just $25? Target, you've outdone yourself.

CB2 Faux Potted Succulent with Copper Pot $13Shop

This too-cute succulent comes in a geometric copper pot, which will bring just the right amount of glam to any succulent collection. Consider copper a new neutral; it will blend seamlessly with your other pots.

CB2 Potted Faux Eucalyptus Plant $40Shop

If you're looking to recreate a soothing spa scene at home, this faux eucalyptus plant is the way to go. This version comes in a stunning gold ceramic planter and isn't poisonous to your pets like the live version.

World Market Faux Bird of Paradise $180Shop

For those craving a bohemian abode, add this faux bird of paradise to the mix. Standing at 5 feet tall, this striking plant would pair perfectly with a woven basket planter for major boho vibes.

Urban Outfitters Yucca Potted Faux Tree $169Shop

Though real yucca trees can grow up to 10 feet tall, this version stands at a stately 6 feet. It's the perfect height to add a major design statement to your apartment, even if you don't have insanely high ceilings.

Target Opalhouse Artificial Dotted Begonia Plant $25Shop

This artificial begonia plant has all of the intricate dotting you would expect, and comes in a sweet wicker basket. Add to a bookshelf, coffee table, or mantel for a lively look.

CB2 Faux Potted Monstera Plant $70Shop

Bring this trendy plant home without having to worry about its temperamental nature. This CB2 version of the "swiss cheese plant" has the look you love without any of the hard work.

West Elm Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant $199Shop

This fiddle leaf fig plant imitator is handcrafted, meaning each leaf is cut, painted, and assembled by hand to create an authentic looking replica. Plus the branches are bendable, so you can position your plant exactly how you'd like.

Jamali Garden Mixed Artificial Succulents In Cement Pot $11 $9Shop

We love this mixed succulent look. It's striking enough on its own to act as a centerpiece or you can pair it with other succulents to add dimension to your collection.

Afloral Fake Potted Snake Plant $68Shop

Though real snake plants are notoriously hard to kill, this faux version will outlast them all. The variegated leaves look just like the real thing, and you won't have to worry about accidentally overwatering it.

Afloral Mini Fake Succulents (Set of Four) $19Shop

Mix these imposters in your real succulent garden and no one will be the wiser. Place them on a window sill for a pop of greenery or scatter them around your home as interesting objets.

Afloral Artificial Plants Hanging Tradescantia Houseplant $25Shop

If you love the look of trailing vines but wouldn't know where to start with a pair of pruning shears, this faux hanging tradescantia plant is for you. No maintenance required. Hang above your bed as a DIY headboard or place on a bookshelf for an eye-catching display.

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