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3 Time-Saving Products to Speed-Clean Your Home

3 Time-Saving Products to Speed-Clean Your Home

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Alyssa Rosenheck

Given our endless to-do lists and busy lifestyles, the last thing most of us want to think about is cleaning our home. Fortunately, we learned that having a pristine home doesn't need to be super time-consuming.

According to Merry Maids home cleaning expert Debra Johnson, the key to speed-cleaning your home when you're busy is having the right tools on hand. In an interview with PopSugar, Johnson shared exactly what's in her cleaning arsenal to maintain a sparkling home.

Busy? Here's how a professional cleaner maximizes her time.

1. A cleaning caddy for every floor: To save time, Johnson recommends grouping cleaning products by surface so that you have a specific caddy for every floor. For example, keep bleach and tile cleaner in a caddy for the bathroom and wood polish and floor cleaner in another caddy for the living room.

2. Melamine sponges: "Test a damp eraser pad on an inconspicuous spot to ensure that it won't damage the paint on your walls. Once the test spot is dry and looks good, go ahead and use the magic eraser to clear all of those scuffs-we all have them!" she says.

3. Rubbing alcohol and vinegar: Don't have time to go to the store and buy cleaning goods? Johnson says there are effective products in your pantry. "Mix one cup of rubbing alcohol with one cup of water and add a tablespoon of white wine vinegar, and you're good to go."


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