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You Can Finally Shop Pottery Barn's "Friends" Collection

You Can Finally Shop Pottery Barn's "Friends" Collection

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Fans of the perennially relatable and humorous TV show Friends have had quite an emotional time in recent weeks. First, WarnerMedia announced that the beloved series would be removed from Netflix in the spring of 2020 when HBO Max, a new exclusive streaming platform launches. Of course, the Internet reacted accordingly, with a series of angry, sad, and panicked tweets.

But finally, there's some good news for devotees of the hit show. Pottery Barn recently announced it would be bringing Friends into the homes of fans everywhere by way of a brand new exclusive collection. And now, you can shop the Friends-inspired products for yourself. The line includes fun decorative accessories and furniture inspired by the TV show, including the apothecary table from the iconic episode in which Rachel decorates Phoebe's apartment with Pottery Barn pieces under the guise that she found everything at the flea market.

The Pottery Barn x Friends Collection is available online now-just in time to get you ready to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary in September. And get this: The best part is that prices for the collection start at just $12.50, making the line accessible to all, so your apartment can look like page 72 of the catalog, without breaking the bank.

Check out a few of our favorite products below, they're perfect for the Friends fanatic in your life.

Pottery Barn x Friends Apothecary Coffee Table $1,099Shop

There it is, the iconic apothecary table that both Rachel and Ross fell for in Friends. You can almost smell the opium.

Pottery Barn x Friends Central Perk Travel Mug $25Shop

This Central Perk mug lets you take your love of Friends on the go. It's also ideal for days when someone else snags the prime spot at your local coffee shop.

Pottery Barn x Friends Welcome Friends Doormat $20Shop

This cheery doormat basically greets your guests for you, all while making sure they know just how much you love Friends.

Pottery Barn x Friends Apartment Door Pillow $30Shop

So, it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year? Just grab this cozy pillow and settle in for another binge watch. You'll feel better in no time.

Pottery Barn x Friends You're My Lobster Mug $15Shop

We all know those people who exclusively refer to their partners as their lobsters, and now, you have the perfect gift to give them when the holidays come around.

Up next: IKEA just recreated the iconic Friends living room.


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