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You Can Now Buy and Sell Home DГ©cor on Poshmark

You Can Now Buy and Sell Home DГ©cor on Poshmark

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Gone are the days when the only way to buy or sell used clothing, shoes, or accessories was to venture to a thrift store or vintage outpost. Back then, if you were planning to sell your own gently used items, you would be at the mercy of the store owner's opinion of your belongings as they would determine how much (if anything) your precious wares were worth. On the other hand, if you were on the search for a bargain, you'd have to sift through racks and piles of apparel in order to find something similar to what you were after.

Poshmark changed all this when it launched in 2011. The app is a social commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell fashion items easily and directly through their phones. Think of it as a digital marketplace. Sellers upload images of what they want to sell and buyers search products by factors like brand and price. With 50 million users and over 75 million listings, the app is a convenient way to buy or sell clothing and accessories.

Courtesy of Poshmark

Now, the app is expanding its services with the launch of Home Market, an in-app marketplace specifically for buying and selling home dГ©cor. This comes almost a year after Poshmark created Posh Markets back in July of 2018, which first allowed users to discover a larger selection of categories on the app, from luxury and activewear to makeup and wholesale items.

Home Market is the latest in this series of new market launches and will include products like accent pieces, wall art, bedding and bath essentials, office dГ©cor, party supplies, organization items, and more. Aside from large furnishings, you can find just about anything you could want to give your home a simple update-whether you're looking to sell or buy.

Courtesy of Poshmark

"With the launch of the Home Market, we're taking our first step into broader lifestyle categories and expanding our social marketplace beyond the closet," Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark, says in a press release. “This Market launch reiterates the power of Posh Markets to scale social commerce and enables Poshmark to continue transforming the e-commerce experience,” she continues.

While other buying and selling platforms for home dГ©cor and furniture exist (think, OfferUp and LetGo), Home Market offers the same seamless shopping experience Poshmark has become known for, and there's no need for uncomfortable meetups between buyer and seller because all items are shipped in the mail.

So, if you've been meaning to clean out your home and get rid of some dГ©cor that no longer fits your personal aesthetic or you're in the market for a few new pieces, consider downloading Poshmark.

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