15 Living Rooms That Make the Case for a Colorful Sofa

15 Living Rooms That Make the Case for a Colorful Sofa

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A neutral sofa is a safe bet. They're easy to find. They go with anything. And they serve as a blank canvas, so you can easily swap out accessories as your style changes. But beyond white, beige and gray, there's a whole, colorful world out there just waiting to be experienced.

We rounded up a rainbow of real-life inspiration, spanning a variety of design aesthetics. Together, these colorful sofas prove that, often, the risk is worth the reward.В

Red Velvet

This New York City apartment is made up of sleek elements, like a metallic coffee table and globe chandelier, but it's the showstopping sectional that gives it a homey vibe.

Tuft to Beat

Farmhouse chic doesn't mean you're confined to gray and white. Case in point: This beautiful cherry-colored sofa.В

Casual Glamour

We love the contrast of the blue accents and copper-lined light against this burnt orange sofa.

Orange You Glad

This interior designer blended mid-century modern style with Asian-inspired dГ©cor to create an eclectic mix.

Victorian Stunner

Who said Victorian interiors have to be dark and moody? This mustard yellow couch keeps the gilded living room from feeling stuffy.

Ray of Sunshine

This canary-hued sofa is right in line with all the angles of this industrial pad.

Lush Surroundings

Plant ladies will swoon over this urban jungalow, but we're willing to wager that most everyone would love to curl up on that oversized sectional.

Color Crush

Even in a living room bursting with color, nothing could steal the spotlight from this emerald green sofa. The diamond-pattern stitching is next level.

Breath of Fresh Air

It's no wonder this light-filled living room belongs to a California girl. The room's cushy centerpiece evokes the color of sea glass.

Classic Charm

Like something out of a Nancy Meyers film, this baby blue English roll arm sofa is sophisticated, yet comfortable.

Ready for Royalty

This bold blue beauty feels at once luxe but totally inviting.

Passport to Bohemia

This space speaks for itself with a statement-making purple sofa. For a worldly vibe, sprinkle in treasures from your travels.

The Trendsetter

Cheetah print, a green fireplace, a striped rug - this home library is a maximalist haven. The purple couch (and matching walls) tie everything together.

Blushing Beauty

Lots of natural light and luxe textures hint at Scandinavian design, while the pink faux fur and plush velvet couch add a playful touch.

Rosy Outlook

This salmon-hued sofa centers a cozy conversation spot. And don't get us started on those curves.


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