5 Ways to Bring a Rustic Glamping Vibe to Your Own Home

5 Ways to Bring a Rustic Glamping Vibe to Your Own Home

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Autumn is in full effect-in case you couldn't tell from the leaves changing colors and the abundance of apple picking and pumpkin patch shots popping up on your Instagram feed. All I ask is that you don't let your house miss out on all of that autumnal fun. I'm not saying you need to buy a million gourds or paint your walls orange, but you can definitely take a few cues from nature and the outdoorsy vibe of rustic, fall-friendly destinations.

For example, we New Yorkers look upstate to the Catskills region. But if you can't make it there or to whatever area you consider most idyllic near you, not to worry. These ideas from the collaboration between Swedish lifestyle brand Lexington Company and the Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club, a retreat where Lexington shot its fall lookbook on location, will be all the inspiration you need to nail autumnal glamping vibes in your own space this season.

1. Bundle Up Your Bed

When you're sleeping close to-or in-the great outdoors, layering your linens is a necessity. But it can also be a smart aesthetic choice, especially if you combine different textures and patterns when choosing your bedding and decorative accents. First, pile on the pillows, and be on the lookout for classic fall fabrics like corduroy, plaid, and chunky cable knit to make your bed feel seasonal and extra cozy. As far as palette goes, take your cue from the changing leaves and bring in shades like rust, cranberry, and burnt sienna. If you're using a heavier duvet insert and flannel sheets these days, consider swapping your end of bed blanket for a bed scarf. You get the look of a throw without the extra bulk. Bedding that you can also accessorize with is pretty genius, if you ask me!

2. Incorporate Nature Into Your Decorating Plans

Peter Crosby

Branches in vases and logs by the fireplace are obvious choices, but do your home one better and get crafty. Try DIYing a stacked wood block nightstand as seen here in one of the bedrooms at Livingston. Or hang a big piece of driftwood above your bed. Scatter little bud vases full of simple, in season blooms around your home. Little touches can make a big decorative impact.

3. Rethink Your Window Coverings

You can go one of two ways here. Take down a few of your curtains in rooms where privacy isn't an issue-maybe near a reading nook in your home, for example, so you'll have an unobstructed view of whatever flora and fauna are outside. The kitchen window by your sink is another great place to do this. It makes washing dishes so much more enjoyable. In private spaces like bedrooms, go the opposite route. Consider using wool camp blankets, new or vintage from the flea market, to create curtain panels for your windows. They'll give off major woodsy vibes and are basically as opaque as blackout shades anyway.

4. Take Your Creature Comforts Outdoors

Peter CrosbyВ

If dining or entertaining outside is still an option, go for it. Make your seating as comfortable-and warm-as possible by using pillows and blankets to cushion wooden benches and chairs. Keep the table simple. Dishtowels make great napkins, and you can scatter leaves, candles, and small pumpkins down the center of your table for the easiest-ever centerpiece.

5. Raid the Hardware Aisle for DГ©cor

Okay, maybe not literally, but the point here is that sometimes utilitarian items make good decorative accents. A vintage ladder is great for keeping towels or linens handy in a bath or bedroom. Or you can carefully suspend one over a dining table or conversation pit and work it into your lighting scheme, as shown in this Livingston Manor common area. Galvanized pails are great as planters or ice buckets. Use a loop of rope as a drawer pull. When you get creative with how you use common household and outdoor items, your home will shine with personality.

Love how Lexington Company's fall collection added a layer of coziness to Livingston Manor? Here are a few of our favorite pieces to get the look at home.

Lexington Clothing Co. Corduroy Sham, Wine $59Shop

Fall's “it” fabric in pillow case form.

Lexington Clothing Co. Striped Kitchen Towel $25Shop

One of these towels will look great draped on your kitchen counter or lining a bread basket on the dinner table.

Lexington Clothing Co. Checked Flannel Pillowcase $35Shop

Always cold at night during the chillier months? Then flannel bedding is probably your best bet. But even if you sleep hot, you can mix in a set of plaid flannel shams to make your bed feel festive

Lexington Clothing Co. Massachussets Scarf $65Shop

A scarf you-or your bed-can wear to complete your fall look.

Lexington Clothing Co. Scented Candle, Cedar Wood $39Shop

This cedar wood scented candle will bring that crisp, outdoor air smell inside.

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