9 Next-Level Mimosa Mixers to Try Now

9 Next-Level Mimosa Mixers to Try Now

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One of the greatest sounds in the world is the delightful pop of a cork being released from a champagne bottle. There's just something about that noise that's so thrilling.В Sparkling wine is often associated with celebrations, and whether you're opening it to toast a hard-earned degree or simply celebrating a sunny Sunday afternoon, it's tough to turn down a flute filled with the bubbly elixir. While we typically consume the sparkly goodness with some orange juice during our brunch festivities,В we love a good twist on the old one-two mimosa.В A splash of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice or a teaspoon of hibiscus syrup will take your mimosa to the next level. Thirsty for more ideas? Here are nine easy but inspiring twists on the mimosa.

Ready to stir? See our must-haveВ entertaining essentialsВ below.В

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