13 Cheap Halloween DГ©cor Options When You'd Rather Spend Money on Costumes

13 Cheap Halloween DГ©cor Options When You'd Rather Spend Money on Costumes

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When the weather begins to chill and the nights gradually get longer, there can only be one bewitching holiday on the horizon: Halloween. And while October 31 is often considered a date for children to celebrate, the truth is that everyone is welcome to it. Halloween parties for grown-ups have become so commonplace that the entire month's weekends can be devoted to different events-and all those costumes can really add up.

If you want your home to be as festive as your get-up but don't necessarily have the funds to split between costumes, candy, and decorations, let this list come to your aid. We found 13 spooky dГ©cor items to place around your home for as little as $3 so your surroundings don't have to skip out on the fun. Get these decorations now or put yourself on the preorder list. Because just like a basket of full-size candy bars, we have a feeling that these deals will get cleaned out quickly.

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Large Etched Design Halloween Pumpkin Cream $10Shop

Bunch a couple of these together at your doorstep or buy one for your entryway for a stylish Halloween addition.В

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween DIY Crow Figural $3Shop

Place some of these creepy figurines on your mantel or go a step further and hang them over your dining table with clear string.В

CB2 Hi-Gloss Round Black Tray $30Shop

If you're throwing a Halloween party, display your treats and drinks on this handmade tray.

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween Candelabra $18Shop

Arrange a pair on either end of your mantel for a symmetrically creepy feature.В

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween Large Resin Skull Black $10Shop

This skull would look perfectВ on that stack of books on your coffee table.

Audio-Technica Pumpkin AT-LP60 Bluetooth Record Player $180 $160Shop

PlayВ Monster MashВ on repeat using this pumpkin-hued record player. While we acknowledge that this record player isn't that cheap, it's too good not to splurge. And you can play it all year round so when you consider the cost per play it's actually incredibly affordable.

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Halloween Medium Metallic Studded Pumpkin $5Shop

Who knew that a pumpkin could be so stylish? Arrange a bunch of these on your dining table as a centerpiece.В

CB2 2-Piece Cobra Salt and Pepper Set $25 $10Shop

Even something as simple as salt and pepper shakers can be festive-although we also wouldn't mind using these all year.

Fran Rodriguez Transition Art Print 8 x 10 at Urban Outfitters $39Shop

This print hasВ Twilight ZoneВ vibes all over itВ and would look best paired above a burning candle.В

Cathy's Concepts Gold Boo Lumbar Accent Pillow $40Shop

If you're more of a minimalist decorator, then this to-the-point pillow is for you.В

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Hallow's Eve Ghost Succulent $3Shop

You may want to put a few of these around your home-one for your kitchen counter, one for your desk, and definitely one for your nightstand.В

Target Hallows Eve Potions & Poisons Decorative Book $5Shop

Buy a few of these to arrange on your bookshelf-you may even hide some candy in them too.В

Hyde and Eek! Boutique Black String Lights with LED Bulbs $12Shop

Arrange these string lights over your mantel or on your staircase to set aВ "haunted house" mood.В

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