The Hot New Hotel Everyone Is Flocking to in Germany

The Hot New Hotel Everyone Is Flocking to in Germany

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Roomers Hotel Munich

Most people think of Berlin when planning a trip to Germany. After all, the capital city is rich with World War II history and alive with never-ending nightlife. But there's another German city calling our name, especially in the winter: Munich. Germany's third-largest city is the southernmost urban area in the country, a short drive from the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and the neighboring Bavarian Alps.

Munich is also home to some incredible Michelin-starred restaurants and traditional Bavarian fare. Not to mention that the museums, art galleries and food markets are not to be missed. And now there's another reason to visit the Bavarian capital: Roomers Munich, a brand-new hotel that's turning heads around in the travel industry. Step inside this hot property-you may just book a flight before the tour is over.

Roomers Hotel Munich

Step inside the glimmering lobby of Roomers Munich and you might feel like you've walked into the golden era. Created by the visionary Gekko Group, the hotel boasts a mix of gilded accents and rich jewel tones. Iconic Scandinavian furniture is sprinkled throughout the modern space.

Roomers Hotel Munich

The hotel's restaurant, Izakaya Kitchen & Bar, isn't your traditional Bavarian weisswurst. The Japanese-meets-South American cuisine is prepared by executive chef Hariprasad Shetty. Star dishes include Temari sushi, corn tempura, and slow-cooked short ribs.

Roomers Hotel Munich

The 281 rooms range from 25 to 155 square meters, some with a soaking tub planted directly at the foot of the bed. Each thoughtfully designed guestroom and suite layers luxe contemporary dГ©cor with unconventional touches and exceptional art, all evoking the feeling of an intimate boutique hotel.

Roomers Hotel Munich

No detail is overlooked. Each guest room is equipped with a Bang & Olufsen sound system, a Nespresso machine, an Apple TV, andВ a well-stocked bar, arranged in a suspended brass shelving unit that is at the center of the design.

Roomers Hotel Munich

The bathrooms are equally luxe, drenched in moody black marble with backlit mirrors, and walk-in rain showers, a continuity from the sultry vibes of the guest rooms.

Roomers Hotel Munich

Roomers Bar, inspired by the award-winning Roomers Bar in Frankfurt, serves up beverages based on fortified wines like vermouth, sake, and sherry, also features a hidden room that seats just 40 people; it'll transport guests back to the '60s with rich lacquered red walls and an impressive cocktail menu.

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Whether the German nightlife culture is calling your name or you're just looking for a culture-filled getaway, Roomers Munich is positioning itself as the next hot destination in Europe for 2018.


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