A Nutritionist Evaluated 7 Pasta Brands-These 2 Were the Tastiest and Healthiest

A Nutritionist Evaluated 7 Pasta Brands-These 2 Were the Tastiest and Healthiest

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From the Kitchen

We're all about self-improvement in the health department, but there's certainly a limit to what we're willing to give up. Part of actually being healthy is about being realistic regarding the foods you can and can't cut out-depriving yourself of your favorite foods isn't a practical road map.

Considering that pasta tops the list of must-have indulgences for many, we decided to do a little investigating. While nothing can replace a full-bodied pappardelleВ noodle, whole wheat pasta can taste relatively the same (depending on the brand and the recipe) and contains far more nutrients.

"Like white pasta, whole-wheat pasta is made from durum wheat but contains all three parts of the grain-bran, endosperm, and germ," explains Consumer Reports. "That means it has more nutrients and fiber… than the regular kind, although its protein and calories are about the same."В

In the spirit of health, the product review nonprofit recently taste-tested seven different kinds of whole wheat pastaВ to find the tastiest brands. In the end, only two received their coveted "very good" rating: Barilla Whole Grain PenneВ and Ronzoni Healthy Harvest 100% Whole Grain Penne Rigate.В

These two brands "stood out from the rest for their nutty whole-grain flavors and their slightly chewy, springy texture," said nutritionist Ellen Klosz, who led Consumer Reports' testing of the whole wheat kinds of pasta. KloszВ and team used taste, nutrition, calories, fat, carbs, fiber, protein, price, and ingredients as criteria to evaluate the brands.В

Have you tasted whole wheat pasta before? Share your review of the healthier alternative below!


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