Step Inside Emily Ratajkowski's Art-Filled L.A. Apartment

Step Inside Emily Ratajkowski's Art-Filled L.A. Apartment

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Emily Ratajkowski is best known as an advocate for body-positivity and sexual expression, an accomplished model and actress, and an impassioned championВ of third-wave feminism. Aside from her modeling, acting, and writing chops, the 25-year-old CaliforniaВ native has clearly sharpened her eye for interior design duringВ her rise to the top. Exhibit A: Her eclectic, art-filled Los Angeles loft, which she regularly features on her Instagram account. The child of an accomplished painter and English professor, Ratajkowski has certainly honed her own artistic sensibilities, filling her sprawling loft with paintings, vintage-inspired furniture, eclectic flea market finds, bohemian rugs, and more.В

Tour Ratajkowski'sВ Гјber-hip L.A. abode below.В

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Opening Image:В Joe Scarnici/Getty Images


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