This Couple Is Paid to Go on Road Trips-Here's Their #1 U.S. Drive

This Couple Is Paid to Go on Road Trips-Here's Their #1 U.S. Drive

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For many people,В road trips offer an escape from everydayВ life, but for Roger TrombleyВ and Shimul Bhuva, the open roadВ is an extension of their office. TheВ couple both work at Ford as engineers, and occasionally, they're able to enjoy a major perk of the job:В taking a bucket list road trip in aВ Ford vehicle-all in the name ofВ research, ofВ course.В

"Shimul and I have both always loved to take road trips.В I particularly love the sense of adventure and exploration that comes with hitting the road-when you fly, you tend to miss so many amazing sites,"В Trombley tells MyDomaine.В He and Bhuva are part of Ford's Mother of All Road Trips (MOART) team, a collective of engineers who log millions of miles testing new vehicles.В Trombley designs the algorithms in collision mitigation systems, andВ these road trips allow him to test the features in real life-andВ explore some pretty unbelievableВ national parks and cities at the same time.В

When asked about their top road trip recommendation, the duo was divided. "Driving through Maine and Acadia National Park are myВ favorites," says Trombley. "It was so unique compared to anywhere else that we have driven because it's an archipelago-the landscape was dotted with little islands as far as the eye could see." Bhuva is a fan of the West Coast, instead. "Driving through and seeing Zion, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and pretty much anywhere in Arizona has always been my favorite."

As the weather cools and the leaves start to quiver, we called on the couple and broader MOART team to share the most unforgettable fall road trips in the U.S. Trust us,В by the time you've reached the end of this article, you'll want to pack your bags and hit the road.В

Roger Trombley and Shimul Bhuva

Acadia National Park

Getty Images

East coasters should add Maine to their list if they want to see fall foliage in all its brilliance. "The drive through Maine and into Acadia National Park was very picturesque," says Trombley. "Bar Harbor is a lovely town just outside of the national park and makes a wonderful place to vacation." He also recommends the walk along the sandbar to Bar Island, which can only be accessed during low tide when the sand is exposed. "Time your walk to the island carefully so you don't get stranded for six hours!" he says.В

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Blue Ridge Parkway

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Fall is the best time of year to tick this bucket list road trip off your list, the duo say. "America's longest linear park that runs from Virginia to North Carolina is a fantastic drive with gorgeous colors throughout," they tell MyDomaine. "Just at the end of the drive is Boone, which is a really cool college town in a spot you wouldn't quite expect." Don't forget to pack your camera-this is one scenic route you'll want to remember for years to come.В

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Tahquamenon Falls

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The five-and-a-half hour drive up to Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is beautiful during any season, the duo says, but it's particularly breathtaking in fall. "It is fascinating to see the waterfall break through the blanket of fall foliage surrounding it. The unique rusty-brown appearance of the water comes from the tannic acid of the decaying cedar leaves in the water," says Bhuva.

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Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House might only be a two-hour drive from Manhattan, but you'll feel worlds away from the bustle of city life. "Nestled along the Hudson River in the Catskills, Mohonk Mountain House is a turn-of-the-19th-century Victorian castle offering incredible views," they explain. "This well-known stop has also doubled as a backdrop for many movies."

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Marin County

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"On the very first MOART drive back in 2004, we took a drive through the mountains north of San Francisco into Marin CountyВ and the foliage was amazing,В especially as you driveВ acrossВ the bridge and head toward the MarinВ Headlands," says Trombley. Be sure to stop in Sausalito, too. "The town is just a short drive from San Francisco, and the sceneryВ is breathtaking!"

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