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3 DГ©cor Trends You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $50

3 DГ©cor Trends You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than $50

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Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Amber Interiors

In theory, we'd like to experiment with home dГ©cor trends every season, but in reality, purchasing new throw pillows and accessories can quickly add up. While there's a roster of brands we turn to for affordable home dГ©cor-IKEA, Target, and H&M Home are our go-tos-Amazon has recently emerged as a fierce contender for products that look expensive but aren't.

Last year, the online retail giant quietly launched two affordable in-house dГ©cor brands, and when we scanned the site recently on Prime Day, we discovered its home offerings have only gotten better.В It sells more than home basics too-Amazon's latest dГ©cor and furniture offerings are surprisingly on trend, spanning styles including modern industrial and California bohemian. Shop a few of our favorite dГ©cor steals on Amazon now.

California Bohemian

Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Pillow $40Shop

Mudcloth accessories are usually quite expensive, but this $40 pillow comes in on budget.

Dufmod Medium Natural and Plush Woven Seagrass Tote Belly Basket $43Shop

Use this woven basket for storage or as a rustic indoor planter.В

Rivet Modern Hand-Woven Stripe Fringe Throw Blanket $50Shop

Textural and cozy, this is the perfect accessory to buy ahead of fall.В

Brushed Brass

Rivet Glass Ball Metal Table Lamp $50Shop

This $50 light looks like it could be from CB2 or West Elm.

Maso Home Double Lights Wall Lamp $50

This two-pronged sconce has Apparatus vibes.В

360 Lighting Carla Polished Brass Down-Light Pin-Up Wall Lamp $40Shop

Sleek and sophisticated, use this sconce to flank your bathroom mirror, entryway, or bed.


Jackyled Wall Sconces Light 2-Pack $43Shop

You'd never guess these sconces cost $43-forВ two.В

Pipe Decor Industrial Pipe Bathroom Hardware Fixture $29Shop

Give your bathroom an industrial touch with these bold black fixtures.В

Best Choice Products Vintage Bar Stool $48Shop

At $48 each, you can afford to buy a few of these on-trend barstools.


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