Step Inside Hilary Duff's Stunningly Vibrant Los Angeles Home

Step Inside Hilary Duff's Stunningly Vibrant Los Angeles Home

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Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

We may know Hilary Duff for her iconic starring role on Disney's Lizzie McGuire, but if her Los Angeles home is any indication, her talents extend far beyond the silver screen. Duff recently welcomed Better Homes & Gardens into her vibrant abode, which she redecorated with the help of Studio Life.Style's Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl.

"Hilary wanted her home to feel feminine and modern but definitely lived-in and cozy," explains Wollack. When it came to accommodating Hilary's flair for vibrant patterns and designs, she admits that it was a bit of a balancing act. The design duo made sure to dial back the furniture and color palette around every statement piece Hilary chose. "The key was merging all the elements together and keeping scale in mind," adds Wollack.

The resulting look is a mix of contemporary pieces and antique finds to give the space a unique vintage appeal. "Each room's quirky decor works together so the whole house flows and feels high-spirited," adds the magazine. Step inside Hilary Duff's playful Los Angeles home below:

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

Despite not considering herself particularly "girlie," Duff selected the dusty rose color of her door herself. Here she isВ pictured with her Yorkie, Jak.В

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

The first pop of color comes in the form of three vintage Turkish kilims sewn together to adorn the staircase. "Cutting up the rugs to make them fit exactly was so stressful," admits Duff.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

Hilary's love of vintage furnishings is evident in the entry hall, where a midcentury credenza, Gothic spool chair, and leather-framed mirror make a lasting impression.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

The living room is an ode to retro, Old Hollywood glamour, with a rounded sofa, brass side tables, andВ two coral velvet chairs taking center stage.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

The designers added recessed shelves in the living room to create a design-conscious home for Hilary's art and design books, which are interspersed with mementos and other personal objects.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

Hilary's love of vibrant patterns is on full display with Damien Hirst's "Butterfly Kaleidoscope," which hangs above a whitewashed credenza behind the sofa in the living room.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

Duff spotted this arts and crafts wallpaper in a Manhattan lobby, and Wollack and Zwicki managed to track it down. "I grew up with wallpaper. My mom was fanatical about it, so it makes me feel nostalgic," adds Duff.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

A blue shade chandelier hovers above a rustic table and chairs set in the dining room, reflecting the light of the swimming pool outside.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

Duff loved this zigzag tile pattern so much, she covered an entire wall of the kitchen with it, plus the bar backsplash and dining counter on the back patio.

Better Homes & Gardens /Justin Coit

"The tiles screamed at me when I firstВ saw them,"В DuffВ said of the Ann Sacks pattern. "They were so happy. I knew they'd bring a jolt of energy into the house."

Head over toВ Better Homes & Gardens for more.


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